Why scantily clad women will not generate click-throughs…

First the picture

Nudity in display advertising

Nudity in display advertising

I saw this display ad while browsing through a tech site! Before you think it, yes it did catch my attention and let me assure you with confidence, it will do that to for all males of the human race.

But what did it make me think? cheapshot, loud, vulgar, desperate, tricky are some of the words that came to mind.

In fact, according to this Princeton Study,

“The pictures of bikini-clad women activated brain regions associated with objects or “things you manipulate with your hands,” Fiske said. The students also remembered the photos of the half-naked women better than they did any of the others, she added, noting that the subjects remembered the bodies, not the faces, most clearly.”

The study also found that men’s perceptions of scantily clad women may be closely related to the ways people “dehumanize” groups from which they wish to distance themselves, such as homeless people and drug addicts.

So there you go…advertising is about getting the message across and inducing action, but not the kind this particular ad would 🙂