Google Searches & Facebook Status Updates

These two stories caught our attention recently. The first one makes you wonder about your privacy and its invasion by the search behemoth. Although recent regulations have forced Google, Yahoo and others to limit maintaining search histories to six months, how much info on us do they already have?.  Can you profile a person’s character from his or her searches on the web? Here’s a list of my searches over the last few days “ox meat” “world political maps” “obama” “jekyll & hyde” “manorama six feet under”…ok so what does this say about me? terrorist? mass murderer? 🙂

Has Facebook really taken over our lives as described in the second BBC article? I was wondering about the consequences of meshing Facebook & SecondLife. It would be so easy and would make a riveting:) Hollywood blockbuster.  Sandra Bullock please come out of retirement..we’re making a movie and its about losing your identity on ‘the net’.


Google Logs Help Convict Husband Accused of Murdering Wife

A physical search of Justin’s computer revealed that a few months before the murder, he had searched for terms including “trauma, cases, gunshot, right chest” and “Florida & divorce.” Prosecutors had also discovered that the defendant downloaded a suggestive Guns N’ Roses song called “Used to Love Her” and then deleted it a few weeks later, after his wife’s death.

The lyrics: “I used to love her, but I had to kill her / I had to put her / Six feet under / And I can still hear her complain.”

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Wife murdered for Facebook status

A man murdered his estranged wife after becoming “enraged” when she changed her marital status on Facebook to “single”.

Edward Richardson, 41, of Mayfield Road, Biddulph, was found guilty of stabbing Sarah Richardson to death.

Richardson tried to kill himself after the attack and was sentenced to life with a minimum of 17 years in prison.

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