India Day 1

Reporting from SearchCamp India, Chennai, Feb 28

First the good news…the website was back online before the event began. We told you about the rather embarrassing shutdown of their online presence here.

Now the bad news…are we as a nation very callous about the value we attach to other people’s time? The event scheduled to start at 9, with registrations at 8!, began well after 9.45 a.m. “Force majeure” that very appealing clause in most agreements was invoked, “unnatural fog conditions in Chennai” was the proffered explanation.

The other grouse that we have is…when a schedule of events and list of speakers is announced it builds a lot of expectation. Plans are made and others abandoned based on this promise. We understand that there maybe changes to the schedule or abandonment of sessions for whatever reason..but what would be appreciated is to respect people and inform them in advance (there must be a reason why you take our contact info).

The Sessions:

Kiruba Shankar was not available for the welcome address so Kapil Nakra stepped in.

Keynote or should i say “keynotes” speech was delivered by Vivek Bhargava of Communicate2.

“Keyword Research Tools & Techniques – Abdul Khimani”…Why do we need to be told stuff that we already know? and when i say we I’m including the most basic practitioners. What does this establish? I hope these are not branding and self fulfilling exercises…What we expect from speakers is a qualitative difference in content from what is freely available on th web.

“SEO for E-Commerce – Srikar Nagubandi”…We have a piece of unsolicited advice..if the session is going to be a webex meeting..why not just make it a higher quality webcast? and have the speaker take questions at the end of the webcast. Very nice presentation with tips and tricks for e-commerce site owners.

“Web Analytics – What’s next?” – Trinadh Rao…We’re still waiting for the answer.

“Usability, Conversions & SEO – Vishal Sampath”…Overbearing and pedantic.