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SemKraft is a full service digital marketing company. We offer Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing (Pay Per Click) and Web Analytics services.

Why SemKraft?
We are an organization that is built on knowledge and a deep understanding of the evolving digital market place.

SemKraft is a young group of professionals with expertise in Search Engine Marketing, Web Advertising, Community Building, Web Content generation. Buzz Marketing, Viral Seeding & Web Optimization. Headquartered in Bangalore, India, SemKraft works with organizations from diverse backgrounds, helping them maximize returns on their digital marketing investments.

We are digital marketing specialists offering Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click/Action Management, Web Analytics, Banner Advertisement, Social Media Marketing, Viral Marketing, Email Marketing, Mobile Search & Video Marketing services.

SemKraft has the best minds in the industry creating unique strategies for clients, bringing into play the knowledge gained at various organizations, dealing with multiple businesses and geographies.

We have special packages for SMBs, Startups & NGOs and are always looking for brighter minds to join us.

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Search Engine Optimization

People are searching for you and they are using Search Engines to find you. Your website needs to be up there for you to get your return on that investment. Search Engine optimization will do just that. We will tell you technically and semantically what you need to do get it up there


Pay Per Click

Advertising has traditionally yielded great results but hardly any metrics. What if you had a great combination of the two? Increasingly the digital world is moving to action based payouts. Ideal for startups and ‘Fortune’ companies alike, Pay Per Click advertising should be an integral part of every marketing campaign.


Web Analytics

Does your business depend on your website to deliver results? If yes, then do you know how well the website is performing? Website Analysis, either with a log file analyzer or a tracking tag will in minute detail show you how effective your presence is on the internet.